Top B-Schools don't mean securing better Jobs -

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Top B-Schools don't mean securing better Jobs

If you think getting an MBA degree from top Business School is a gateway to better jobs in corporate, than you might be wrong. It will surely help you to have better academics and competitive skills to get jobs but it does not mean job guarantee.

 Few things MBA students need to know and do before they leave B-schools
In the current scenario top Bschools are even left with placement of some students. Situation has improved drastically from last year and  Bschools has provide greater placement assistance. Still after paying heavy fees almost 50% students of Bschools are searching job by their own.  After passing of the period of recession MNC’s are still hiring at slower rate. It is the scenario of top Bschools, than it is natural and even difficult for Bschools of smaller cities to place their students.
I would rather suggest the students of Bschools of smaller cities to develop the passion, energy, skills and vision to make it. Cities have a lot of petition to prospective college students. The busy clocklike routine of a large city and a large college is an attractive prospect. If the city draws you in, a good Bschool in a smaller city is a wiser pick than a large Bschool in a city. This is because a small college will focus more efforts on providing you with jobs than a larger college.


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