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Monday, July 28, 2014

Corporate Etiquettes – Greeting, Handshake, Body

Introduction and Greeting Etiquette

  • While getting introduced, either shakes hands or nod you head with a smile.
  • Always introduce the lower ranked person to the higher ranked person.
  • At first time, while getting introduced stand up to meet or greet.
  • Always greet people with a nice smile.

Handshake Etiquette

  • Always remember to stand while shaking hand so that you can shake hands at same level.
  • Always extend your right hand and hold the other person firmly facing you thumb straight up.
  • Handshake should be firm neither too tight nor to lose. Tighter handshake indicate that you are dominant and lose handshake indicate that you are lacking confidence.
  • Shake just a couple of time not more than 2 or 3 seconds.
  • Greet the person by looking into eyes while shaking hands.
  • Avoid using cold and sweat palm.

Body Language

  • Balance you weight on both legs and stand tall.
  • Avoid stooping and leaning against anything.
  • While standing do not put your hands in pocket or do not cross hands in front of the chest or fiddling with other stuff like belt, watch etc.
  • Always listen actively. Try to maintain eye contact but do not stare
  • Avoid using wrong gesture (do not smirk, frown), always have pleasant smile & expression.
  • Sit up straight, avoid clasping or wrong gesture.
Corporate Etiquettes are very useful on the workplace if you Adopt professional look according to the occasion or corporate culture here are some tips for Corporate Dressing and Grooming For Man

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