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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Corporate Etiquettes - Grooming For Man

Daily Grooming For Man, Corporate Dressing (Man)

Daily Grooming For Man

  • Wash your face before you sleep and skin will look fresh next day.
  • Apply moisturizer based on your skin type.
  • Wash your hair regularly.
  • Trim hairs regularly do not let it fall below ears.
  • Avoid combing in public. It is a serious impression killer.
  • Regularly shave almost every day.
  • Properly shape & clean nails regularly.
  • Don’t bite nails. It is a sign of nervousness.

Corporate Dressing (Man)

  1. Adopt professional look according to the occasion or corporate culture.
  2. Always wear well fitted clothes neither too lose nor too tight.
  3. Wear a formal full sleeved shirt. 
  4. Wear tidy & nicely ironed clothes.
  5. Wear corporate shades which are colors like white, light blue or cream.
  6. Wear a tie with medium width, tip of the tie should touch the top of the belt. Silk ties in solids, stripes and small patterns are accepted.
  7. Wear a formal leather belt in black that should match trousers or shoes. (Big and flashy buckle, double pin buckles are not appreciated)
  8. Regularly polish you shoes. Black leather shoes are considered formal. Avoid wearing flashy shoes.

Other accessories:

  • Watch must be trim-styled with leather or good quality metal band.
  • Tie-pin & cuff-links must be simple not flashy.
  • Neck chain must not be flashy.
  • Ring limit should be one per hand.
  • Earring must not be flashy and limit it to a small one.
  • Bags must be a formal. Use formal suitcase, laptop bag or corporate portfolio bag.
You look create your first impression but to be more successful corporate worker you must practice Corporate Etiquettes- Greeting, Handshake, Body etc

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