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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Do use these tools & tricks in Presentations

Dress right 
Always dress for success after all first impression is very important.

Eye Contact
  • Keep moving your eyes to all
  • Rest on one participant at a time not more than for 3-5 seconds or until you have completed one thought.
  • Make a impression on audience that you are paying attention to them individually
  • Encourage involvement 
    Audiences are your friends. Look in their eye and smile
  • Use not only hands but entire arms
  • Overstate so that gesture can be seen by all
  • Makes gestures naturally
  • Vary gestures to add interest and to reinforce ideas
  • Stand Straight
  • Balance you weight evenly on both legs.
  • Move occasionally
  • Stand erect and move with purpose and energy
  • As you stand keep your weight on booth feet and avoid dragging your feet
Facial expression
  • Smile
  • Maintain a pleasant open facial expression
  • Use voice for demonstrating enthusiasm
  • Pace by speeding up or slowing the rate at which you present information or emphasize a point
  • Volume by using softer and louder tones
  • Always speak one level higher than necessary 
  • Sound enthusiastic
  • Avoid mumbling and volume drop

Listening skills
  • Give chance to participant to speak
  • Show interest on what participant is saying
  • Encourage participant for their question & answer appropriately

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