Forces of Changes : Organizational Effectiveness and Change -

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Forces of Changes : Organizational Effectiveness and Change

There are two type of forces involves in change:

a. External Forces: external forces are as follows:

Technological Change: Technological Change refers to adoption of new technology. this adoption can take place in different ways:
  • Substitute of old technology with new technology
  • Increase responsiveness to new technology and unresponsiveness to old technology
Marketing Condition:  Marketing condition are characterized by three basic aspects
  • It is not static. 
  • There is continuous new innovation in product selling.
  • New method of advertising is developed after successful business cycle.
These three aspects gives rise to consumerism. Hence, marketing conditions are based and formulated on the basis of consumer aspiration.
Social Changes: Social changes refer to new social norms. The social norms are established by education, knowledge and government effort for social equity. The social norms create a Major impact on external force in an organization.

Political Forces: Political forces creates problems to the corporate world as
  • Corporate world is regulated by law which are governed by the govt.
  • By increase interferences of government control of the organization becomes loose. 
Because of these two problems the economic policy as well as the world politics creates a major political changes in an economy.

b. Internal Forces: Internal forces are as follows

Nature of the work force e.g. Younger, Middle and Older age

Change in management personnel: Each new manger comes with new ideas which is associated with a unique way of working. It results as a change in attitude of other employees. this change may be positive or negative. 

Deficiencies in the existing management
  • Unmanaged span of management
  • Too many levels of managerial control
  • Lack of coordination among various department
  • Incapable or irrelevant policy decisions.

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