Functions and Duties of Storekeeper -

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Functions and Duties of Storekeeper

Functions and duties of storekeeper

The main functions of storekeeper are receipt, storage and issue of materials. Apart from these main functions, there are quite a few other functions, which are incidental to these. Various functions and duties of storekeeper are as follows:

a. Receive materials into the stores after checking them with the contents of the Goods Received Note;

b. Store the materials in the allotted places;

c. Maintain proper record of receipt, issue and balance of all items of materials

d. Employ location coding and stores coding for easy identification of every item of stores

e. Maintain the Stores department in a tidy manner

f. Protect material from losses due to fire, theft, evaporation, obsolescence etc.,

g. Issue stores, against proper authorization, in right quantity of right specification, and at the right time

h. Ensure that the stock neither exceed the maximum level nor go below the minimum level at any point of time

i. Prevent unauthorized persons entering into the stores

j. Co-ordinate the work of staff in the stores department

k. Periodic comparison of bin card balances with physical quantities in the bins

l. Advise management of obsolete and slow moving stocks.

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