How to solve a case study?? -

Sunday, May 23, 2010

How to solve a case study??

A case study is description of an Enterprise, History and Environment Internal Operations. Case studies do not have full information, but enough information is provide to draw a conclusion. The objective of a case study is to enhance your ability to solve business problems, using a logical framework. The issues in a case are generally not unique to a specific person, firm, or industry, and they often deal with more than one retail strategy element. Sometimes, the material presented in a case may be in conflict.

In all case studies, you must analyze what is presented and state which specific actions best resolve major issues. These actions must reflect the information in the case and the environment facing the firm.

  • Read the Case properly
  • Prepare a List of the major opportunities before the company
  • Identify the problem faced company
  • Multiple solutions might be possible, so analyze all available course of action
  • choose the best solution
  • Tell how will you implement the solution

Tool that may help you in solving case studies: 
Note the Important Points a
a. Environment
  • Competitors
  • Economic Conditions
b. Internal Problems
  • Strength –Sources of strength for the company, Cost, Skill, patents, Consumer Loyalty, etc.
  • Weakness –Areas of Vulnerability for the Company
  • Opportunity
  • Threat 
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