Inventory Control Techniques - Re-order Level -

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Inventory Control Techniques - Re-order Level

Re-order level is the point of remaining stock when the new order is to be send. In order to calculate the reorder pint, following term should be known:
  • Lead Time: Lead time is the time normally take by the supplier in sending goods after placing the order.
  • Average Usage: Average usage means average consumption in a particular time period.
  • EOQ (Economic Order Quantity): EOQ is the level of inventory order that minimizes the total cost associated with inventory management.
  • Safety Stock: Safety stock is the minimum level of stock that is to be maintained to avoid delay.


Re-order level= Maximum usage X Maximum lead time


= Minimum stock level + (Average or Normal usage X Average lead time)

Minimum stock level = Re-order level – (Average usage X Average lead time)

Maximum stock level
= Re-order level + Re-ordering quantity – (Minimum usage X Minimum lead time)

Danger level
= Average usage X Maximum re-order period for emergency purchases

Average stock level

= Minimum stock level + ½ of Re-order quantity


= ½ (Minimum stock level + Maximum stock level)

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