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Monday, May 24, 2010

MBA Projects - HR Project titles

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1. Analyzing the Performance appraisal system

2. A study of employee engagement

3. To study the Performance Management System and Employee Engagement Activities in Airtel

4. Study the Employee Satisfaction in HR Services .

5. A study of identification of satisfaction level of internal customers towards human resource functions

6. Advisor’s Recruitment and Selection in HDFC Standard Life Insurance

7. Performance management- 360- Degree appraisal system

8. Analysis of Human resource Activities in Three private banks

9. Human resource accounting and models in practice at

10. A study of Soft skills training to sales person

11. Transformation role of human resource development

12. Total quality Management and organizational commitment- A comparative study in government and private sector

13. An analytical Study of Recruitment and Selection

14. Comparative study of Human Resource Practices in Hotel Industry

15. Comparative study of Human Resource Practices in Retail industry

16. A study of Work place environment and its impact on employees

17. A study of Skill gap identification and strategies to address the deficiencies

18. Comparative study of Latest tools in Performance Management at

19. A study of Motivation and its effect on work

20. A study of Investigation and analysis of motivational factors at work.

21. A study of absenteeism and turnover

22. A study on the stress pattern among employees of insurance sector.

23. A study of Human capital Management

24. A Comparative study of Manpower planning

25. A study of Quality of work life at BHEL Bhopal.

26. A study of Talent management

27. Comparative study of recruitment and selection procedures

28. Comparative study of Compensation Management Vs Reward Management

29. A study of Downsizing

30. A study of Job satisfaction as a tool for conflict resolution

31. Comparative study of HR Retention Strategies

32. A study of Attrition in BPO

33. A study of work life Balance in a sales job

34. A study of Implementation & effectiveness of competence management

35. Comparative study of people issues in mergers and acquisitions

36. A study of best practices in the field of HR in service sector

37. A study of Job design model of motivation at

38. A study of Identifying the criteria for hr outsourcing and its application in IT sector

39. A study of the effectiveness of stress management techniques

40. A study of training needs of employees

41. A study of job satisfaction of employees

42. A study of identification training and development needs

43. A study of recruitment practice at

44. Comparative study of attitude and satisfaction of policy holders

45. An organizational study on personality traits of Managers

46. Comparative study of job stress among private and government employees

47. A study of effectiveness of training at

48. A study of effect of training on performance at

49. A study of employee training in Hotel industry.

50. A study to understand the training and development practices followed in industry

51. A study of employee welfare measures on the performance at

52. A study of organizational change with reference to

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