MM - Stages of the Buying Decision Process -

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

MM - Stages of the Buying Decision Process

Buyer Roles in Consumer Buying Process

a) Initiator – this person first recognizes the need for the product or service and may or may not have a say in the purchase decision.

b) User – this person will actually use the product. This person may or may not have a say in what is purchased.

c) Influencer – this person’s role may be only tangential to product use, but s/he will still have an impact on the purchase decision.

d) Buyer – this person is responsible for obtaining the product, though s/he may or may not have any impact on what is purchased.

e) Decider – this person is responsible for the final determination of what will be purchased.

Stages of the Buying Decision Process

a.Problem recognition - the consumer recognizes a problem.

b. Information search – Consumer perform internal and external search. The consumer thinks about options may be available to remedy situation (internal search) and then she seeks external sources of information such as friends, newspapers, TV, and the internet.

c. Alternative identification and evaluation – In this stage one has some ideas about what alternatives available and how to approach them. One now must compare and contrast the options available to purchase.

d. Choice and purchase – Based on this process of consideration the consumer now purchases the most attractive option she has identified.

e. Post purchase evaluation – The consumer experiences her choice and determines satisfaction. Consumer satisfaction may lead to repurchase or positive world of mouth.

f. Feedback – the consumer remembers how she feels about her purchase and makes note of it for future reference (internal search).

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