Components of Operation Scheduling - Operation Scheduling -

Friday, May 21, 2010

Components of Operation Scheduling - Operation Scheduling

Components of Operation Scheduling - Operation Scheduling

Scheduling is the process of establishing the timing of the use of equipment, facilities and human activities in an organization. Effective scheduling helps in Cost savings and Increases in productivity.

Objectives of Operation Scheduling
  • To meet due date of delivery
  • To minimize production cost
  • To reduce idle time
  • To proper balancing of allocation

Components of Scheduling
Assigning – assigning tasks to different machines or work centers
sequencing or prioritization - Deciding about the sequence of processing of the job on different machines on the basis of some priority rule
Routing - Planning the route of movement of the material from one department to the other during processing
Dispatching - Issuing dispatch lists to the various work centers
Expediting- Tracking the progress of various jobs scheduled and in case of delays in the implementation of schedules, revising the schedules and expediting the completion of certain jobs.

Problem in Operation Scheduling

• Variability in Due dates, Processing times, Interruptions and Changes in the set of jobs.
• High work-in-process inventory
• Low utilization of workers and machines (high idle time)
• Higher set-up time (overall) of machines
• Higher cost of production/ operations
• No accurate information available for the current status of a job
• High average completion time of jobs

Minimizing Scheduling Difficulties

• Fix realistic due dates
• Emphasis on bottleneck operations
• Splitting incase of large jobs


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