Production Planning and Control - PREPLANNING, PLANNING AND CONTROL -

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Production Planning and Control - PREPLANNING, PLANNING AND CONTROL

The knowledge of PPC (Production Planning and Control) helps to understand methods, plans, various techniques that are essential to operate the effectively and efficiently.

Production Planning and control is the organization and planning of the manufacturing process. PPC comprise the planning, routing, dispatching in the manufacturing process so that the material, machines and labour however are subdivided and are directed and coordinated as to quantity, quality, time and place.

Planning and control are two important and interrelated managerial functions. They often are considered as being one function because they are so closely interrelated.

Planning is the preparation activity. Planning sets the objectives, goals, targets on the basis of available resources with their given constraints.

Control is the post-operation function. Control is the integral part of effective planning. Similarly control involves assessment of the performance.


The activities of preplanning, planning and control may be considered to take place in a time sequence. The preplanning is completed before production commences. Planning takes place immediately before production starts and control is exercised during production.

Preplanning : Preplanning involves developing and designing a work or production of a developing and installing a proper layout or tools. It may be involved many functions of the organization and draws upon forecasting, product design, tool design, machine selection and estimating to enable proper design to be made. In short, preplanning decides what to make and how to make

Planning : Planning determines where and when to make products. It determines the sequencing of operations and specifies procedures for material planning and supplies, machine loading and deliveries. It needs past records of performance and control statistic to perform functions properly, which may be obtained from pre-planning, cost control.

Control : In the control state it is make sure that the planned action is perfectly carried out. It involves measurement of actual results, comparison of the actual result with the planned action and takes corrective action if required. The pattern of control is seen in material control, machine utilization, labour control, cost control and quality control.

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