Scope of production and operations management -

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Scope of production and operations management

Due to the dynamic change in the business environment, the scope of production and operation management has increased. Following are the activities which are included under production and operations management functions:

Scope of production and operations management
Scope of production and operations management

  1. Facility Location - Selecting appropriate location for the production
  2. Plant layouts and material handling - Deciding upon the machines, equipment and necessary devices which could lead to effectual and desired production in the most economic way. Preparation of plan layout for the establishment of machines in the required sequence. Storage of material and handling it in most effective way to avoid the wastage and delivery at the work centers as and when required.
  3. Product design - Designing the product and conceive the idea about its production.
  4. Process design - Determination of the production process which is most relevant and efficient in the given state of affairs.
  5. Production and planning control - Planning the production and its various aspects how, when and where producing a particular product or its assembly will be done. 
  6. Quality control - Controlling the production and ensuring the quality by setting the check points and taking the periodic measurements of the current performance.
  7. Materials management - Managing the inventories of raw material, semi-finished and finished goods in a way that neither excessive money may block in this non-productive operation nor the required material.
  8. Maintenance management - Analysis the deviations and formulating the corrective measures to stay in track with planned quality, time-schedule and predetermined cost schedules.


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