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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Strategies to crack a GD

A group discussion can be categorized into three different phases:
  1. Introduction Phase
  2. Summarize Phase
  3. Conclusion Phase
Initiation Strategy : You can crack Group Discussion by Initiating strategy. If you initiate a GD you not just get the attention of the panel and your fellow candidates as well as you get the opportunity to speak. Panel get the best chance to observe the opening speaker reason being it shows that you are initiator. You get the maximum focus by panel reason is simple, at the start most of your fellow candidate in the GD are still trying to understand the basic issue in the topic or some are to nervous to speak or waiting someone else to speak.

You can make a favorable first impression with your content and communication skills after you initiate a GD and you will get credit because yo opened and took the group in the right direction. If on the other hand the first speaker doesn’t have too much sense to say, he will attract the undivided attention of the evaluators to his shortcomings. He will be marked as a person who speaks without thinking merely for the sake of speaking. As someone who leads the group in the wrong direction and does not make a positive contribution to the group.

Conclusion Strategy : Most GDs do not end with a conclusions. A conclusion is most likely to come when the whole group decides in favor or against the topic. But always try to grab the opportunity to summarize what the group has discussed in the GD.
Keep the following points in mind while summarising a discussion:
  • Make it brief and concise
  • State others viewpoint also
  • Don't look only on one aspect of the GD
  • Don't add anything once the GD has summarized
Contribution Strategy: It is the quality or relevant talk that matters and not the frequent interruptions and long winding and loud talk. Try to contribute as much effectively in the GD with adding a new viewpoint related to issue of the GD, adept in the art of positive argument, be a persuasive communicator, attempt to resolve the Contradiction, paving the way for an effective consensus and thus carry the participants with you.

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