Telephonic Interview Preparation -

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Telephonic Interview Preparation

The purpose of the phone interview is to analyze and judge the suitability of the candidate as well as know more about them.
  • Make prior arrangement so that you will not be interrupted during interview
  • Keep a pen and paper to jot down important information
  • Take it seriously (From the moment you take the call and till the time you end the call, remember that you are being assessed)
  • Listen carefully don't speak out of turn specially when interview is talking
  • Answer questions clearly and confidently
Do's and Don'ts for Telephonic Interview:
  • Do take telephonic interview as seriously as a personal interview.
  • If the call is unexpected, ask for a reschedule. It is always OK.
  • You need to have enthusiasm and sound confident while answering the questions.
  • Always put across the details on your experience, skills and your strong points.
  • Answers need to be precise to the questions asked.
  • Avoid using mobile as three can be signal problem and it ma be problematic.
  • If using a mobile do not switch on the voice message.
  • Keep your resume infront of you.
  • Avoid distraction. Always take a telephonic interview in a quiet place.
  • Keep all of your employer research materials with easy reach of the phone.
  • Turn off your stereo, TV, and any other distraction.

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