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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Tell me something about yourself? - Answers of Job Interview Questions

Before going to any interview you need to be prepared. I am not talking about dry cleaning your best suit, setting your alarm clock early or making sure your shoes are nice and shiny. They are important as looking neat and clean will help to form a good first impression. I am however talking about how to best prepare by reviewing some typical interview questions you will be asked.

The most often asked question in interviews.

Tell me about yourself?

It is a very simple question but most people find it difficult to respond to. Most interviewers ask this question as warm up question. It is a great way to open the conversation of the interviewer and get to know about each other and to start actual interview process. Next thing is the interviewer is attempting to know is about you and this is not just about your professional life as well as personal life what are you interested in, what drives you and what doesn’t?

Avoid very personal stuff and anything that put you in a bad light. Interviewers only have attention span of 1-3 minutes, so be careful and specific. Try to complete the introduction as short a period as possible.

As a fresher follow this structure:

Hence you don’t want to sound unprepared so start with I am XYZ and I come from XYZ as to get warm up, than include your educational background most recent first, than your achievements and co curricular actives after that you strength , aptitudes and what you feel passionate about, stating that what are you looking for and hope to achieve.

While answering remember to start with most significant point, state your strengths and behavior related to position that you think will make you successful in this position.

Be confident and honest.

Sample answer for fresher:

I am XYZ and I belong to XYZ place. Tell what you are currently doing job or professional qualification (if want than State you special achievements during days). Include educational qualification i.e. college and school. Than Include your achievements and other co-curricular activates. Than include your strengths and skills, areas of interest and hobbies.
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  1. It's a simple question but everyone feels nervous during answering this question. Because introduction is a main part of an interview.And this article is amazing.

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