Friday, July 18, 2014

What is your greatest strength? or tell me about your strengths?

This is a great opportunity to highlight your best skills. It is best to mention three strengths that present wide range of assets you possess and enable you to project a good level of self confidence, give example and demonstrate related to your strengths. As yo are fresher try to give example as related to your life.

Sample answer:
I am always been a self starter, always find ways to improve my skills. I have good interpersonal skills and good judgment about people which would be directly related to my work. But I consider my greatest strength as being a multi tasking person.

Give me an example:

In my last semester during my academic session, we organized a management fest in our college. I was the member of the team and given responsibility as coordinator. It was a great success in our college and also i managed to perform will in semester. 


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