Benefits of Scientific Management -

Monday, June 21, 2010

Benefits of Scientific Management

Benefits of Scientific Management

Taylor's ideas, research and recommendations brought into focus technological, human and organizational issues in industrial management. Benefits of Taylor's scientific management included wider scope for specialization, accurate planning, timely delivery, standardized methods, better quality, lesser costs, minimum wastage of materials, time and energy and cordial relations between management and workers. According to Gilbreths, the main benefits of scientific management are "conservation and savings, making an adequate use of every one's energy of any type that is expended". The benefits of scientific management are:-

1. Replacement of traditional rule of thumb method by scientific techniques.

2. Proper selection and training of workers.

3. Incentive wages to the workers for higher production.

4. Elimination of wastes and rationalization of system of control.

5. Standardization of tools, equipment, materials and work methods.

6. Detailed instructions and constant guidance of the workers.

7. Establishment of harmonious relationship between the workers.

8. Better utilization of various resources.

9. Satisfaction of the needs of the customers by providing higher quality products at lower prices.

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