Criticism of Scientific Management -

Monday, June 21, 2010

Criticism of Scientific Management

1. Worker's Criticism:

(a) Speeding up of workers: Scientific Management is only a device to speed up the workers without much regard for their health and well-being.

(b) Loss of individual worker's initiative: Scientific Management reduces workers to automatic machine by taking away from them the function of thinking.

(c) Problem of monotony: By separating the function of planning and thinking from that of doing, Scientific Management reduces work to mere routine.

(d) Reduction of Employment: Scientific Management creates unemployment and hits the workers hard.

(e) Weakening of Trade Unions: Under Scientific Management, the important issues of wages and working conditions are decided by the management through scientific investigation and the trade unions may have little say in the matter.

(f) Exploitation of workers: Scientific Management improves productivity through the agency of workers and yet they are given a very small share of the benefit of such improvement.

2. Employer's Criticism:

(a) Heavy Investment: It requires too heavy an investment. The employer has to meet the extra cost of the planning department though the foreman in this department do not work in the workshop and directly contribute towards higher production.

(b) Loss due to re-organization: The introduction of Scientific Management requires a virtual reorganization of the whole set-up of the industrial unit. Work may have to be suspended to complete such re-organization.

(c) Unsuitable for small scale firms: various measures like the establishment of a separate personnel department and the conducting of time and motion studies are too expensive for a small or modest size industrial unit.

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