Human Reaction To Change - Organizational Effectiveness and Change -

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Human Reaction To Change - Organizational Effectiveness and Change

How a change will affect once needs and satisfaction. Depending upon this there are different kind of reaction:

a. Acceptance: A person perceives that the change in likely to affect him/her favorably under such circumstances, it is considered as an expression of acceptance.

Ex. A transfer of a manager from one destination to another place where his family and relative resides will generally be taken with acceptance.

b. Resistance: Resistance refers to opposition to change. It can take place in no. of way.

Hostility can be expressed in verbal aggression intense character and physical forms.

Developing Apathy: Apathy can take place in the form of aggression by wasting time, spoiling the materials and continuous decline in the performance.

Absenteeism: Continuous absenteeism form the work is also the way or resistance.

Anxiety & Tension: Anxiety and tension is reflected in the form of uncomfortable work situations. It can also lead to a person be shaky while doing the work.

Show-downs: Show-downs is the situation of collapsing where expression is in the form of strikes of group resistance.

c. Indifference: Indifference is a situation where an individual fails to realize the impact of change and the people feel that will not be affected by the change at all.

Indifference cab be in the term of self-assumed notion or can be expressed in the form of group indifference.

d. Forced Acceptance: Forced acceptance occurs when change forces are stronger than resistance forces. Under such circumstances individual ideas & the way working does not remain important and becomes insignificant.

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