Project Report on Mutual Fund Industry -

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Project Report on Mutual Fund Industry

Project Report on Mutual Fund Industry

Mutual funds have become a very popular way to take some of the risk out of investing in individual stocks by investors. Mutual funds are a collection of stocks selected by mutual fund seller and sold to investors as shares in a fund. There are several types of funds that you can invest in. Some of the more popular types are technology funds, growth funds, security funds, and income funds. Mutual funds are very popular because they allow you to invest in a numbers of stocks therefore greatly reducing the risks associated with putting you money in an individual stock.


Following are the objectives of the study:

1To know about investors' investment preferences.

2To check awareness level of people about mutual funds.

3.To work out potential market for mutual funds.

4.To access the satisfaction level of mutual funds investors and to find out the reasons for dissatisfaction.

5.To check factors considered by investors while investing in mutual funds.


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