Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Balance between professionalism & family - GD Topics with Summary

Balance between professionalism & family - GD Topics with Summary

Professionalism and family can be described as the two sides of the same coin as both are equally important in one's life. Our profession gives you an individual identity and financial security on the other hand family gives you an emotional security. Neglecting any one of these could result in distress in one's life. A balance has to be maintained between the two, which is very easy to say, but to do it in practical is very difficult. In today's hi-tech busy lifestyle one cannot find the time to spend with his family. In Bangalore we have seen that there is increase in the number of people going to psychologists to get counseling on how to handle the stress and tension. The people of today are more inclined towards their profession and hence they get very little time to spend with their family. They may lead a luxurious life but there is absence of peace of mind.

Family gives mental strength to a person and the professionalism gives a man financial strength and high status (luxurious) lifestyle in society. But if a man has all such things but do not have any peace or calm throughout his life, it is utter waste of earning the money. Both professionalism and the family play a vital role in one’s life, one can't avert any one of these. Professionalism and the family are looks like two eyes of a man. We can’t bear if anyone gets lost.


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