Sunday, July 25, 2010

Democracy or Dictatorship which is better? - GD Topics with Summary

Democracy or Dictatorship which is better? - GD Topics with Summary

In a democracy, the people elect their leaders. They have rights, such as freedom of press, and speech. The right to bear arms and travel freely.

In a dictatorship, people are usually not allowed freedoms such as speech or to carry arms. Many dictatorships also impose harsh laws on minority or protest groups (if they even allow a protest)

Dictatorship can be good. When the majority of the popualtion is illiterate and uneducated a dictator can do their best to modernise the nation. By for example, building schools and educating the people, jobs so that everybody has food on the table and roof over their heads. A dictator who is thinking what's best for the nation and not for theirself, example Pervez Musharraf. I think he should stay as a dictator because he only trying to do good for the poeple and the nation by trying to put in equal rights for men and women, equal human rights. Pakistan needs Musharraf and it is to early to put in democracy. If MUsharraf let the people decide, the people will fall by civil wars and warlords who ravage the country.

Even the worst democracy is better than dictatorship.Without democracy, the basic rights of people cannot be guaranteed.No dictator is subject to the rule of law, therefore no dictatorship is preferable to civil society as practiced in representative democracies.

Dictatorship can never be good as the tendency to dominate others ideas and beliefs makes the dictator intolerant. That is the reason why Democracy is always the better option, however weak it might be.


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