Education is only a business now a days - GD Topics with Summary -

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Education is only a business now a days - GD Topics with Summary

Education is only a business now a days.

No doubt now a days educational institutions are more for making profits than to a provide quality education. They try to take fees as much as possible and hire the teachers for as less as possible. In most of the cases the interviewers themselves are not qualified enough and somehow insult the interviewees by asking some irrelevant questions. Education has not only become costly but also a hot business. The most paid are the chances for most rewarded in terms of money and power. It has become a main goal for power holders to start colleges simply because of the reason it gives high returns. High risk and high pay. Education today is over 85 percent business oriented. In fact this percentage may be very low than actual.

People cry that education in India has become a business. The way it is, I agree that the current system is far from ideal. But what is wrong is not that the avenue has become a business, but that it is a business where it is rigged against the consumers. It is a business, which should be regulated by the forces of supply and demand rather than government interference. The college managements should be able to charge whatever they want from students to run the establishment. When asking for any amount is legitimate, all the money that changes hands would be legitimate. Also, if the amount is too high for the services provided, the demand would go down and the management would be forced to lower it. This already happens, albeit behind closed doors.

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