Saturday, July 10, 2010

Foreign television channels are destroying our culture - GD Topics with Summary

Foreign television channels are destroying our culture

As the coin has two sides ... this topic is also having both advantages and disadvantages.

Coming to advantages some of the foreign channels like BBC, Discovery, National Geography, Animal Planet, CNBC, Star sports, Ten sports... are very useful to us to update our knowledge. And the technology used by these channels is excellent.

But coming to the disadvantages of course there are some channels, which destroys our Indian culture. All it depends on our mind set. If we use those channels in right way they will be useful to us. If we use in wrong way it creates bad impact on our culture . If we think that foreign channels are affecting our culture, then not only foreign channels, Indian channels are also affecting our culture. And it is wrong only if Indian channels affect our culture. Culture is not in the way of dressing and culture is not fashion. It is the behavior, manners etc. So, all depends on the way in which we take. So if u watch the channel in a wrong way, then surely it will destroy-not your culture, it will destroy you.


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