Managerial and Operateive Functions of HRM -

Friday, July 16, 2010

Managerial and Operateive Functions of HRM

Managerial and Operative Functions of HRM

1. Managerial Functions

a) Planning: It is the determination of strategies, programmes, policies, and procedures to accomplish organizational objectives.

b) Organizing: It is a process of allocating the task among the members for achieving organizational objectives.

c) Directing: It means telling people to do a particular work and ensures that they perform as per the directions.

d) Co-ordinating: Organizational objectives will be achieved only if group activities in the enterprise are co-ordinated effectively.

e) Controlling: It is the act of checking, regulating and verifying whether everything occurs as per the standards set and plans adopted.

2. Operative Functions

a) Procurement: This function relates to the procuring of sufficient and appropriate number of persons for carrying out business work.

b) Development: It is concerned with the development of employees by increasing their skills and proficiency in work.

c) Compensation: It is concerned with securing adequate and equitable remuneration to persons working in the organization.

d) Integration: It is concerned with the attempt to effect the reconciliation of individual, organization and social interest.

e) Maintenance: This function deals with sustaining and improving the working conditions.

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