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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hard Working or Smart Working - GD Topics with Summary

Hard Working or Smart Working

In a result oriented competitive atmosphere every worker should be smart rather than a hard worker. In the corporate world everyone will be given a target which he/she has to achieve with in that stipulated time. After the stipulated time the organization will ask for the result not how you have done it. You might be hard working but at the end of the day result is not up to the mark then you will be rated as below average performer. On the other hand someone who is not a hard worker but a smart worker achieves his/her target within the stipulation. At the end of the day he/she will be a good performer but you will not.

Hard-working results in Smart working. Without hard work you can’t become a smart worker. To become a smart worker you need to concentrate on each n every step of yours n other efficient person's attitude which requires hard efforts. It is very necessary to transform your hard work into smart work. Once you become smart-worker you can save lodes of time n can become good Decision-maker. Like, during exams a hard-worker tries to mug-up everything while a smart-worker understands the topic n try himself to interpret it.

One should be a good mix of both hardworking and smart working...30% of hard work and 70% of smart work is what is required by every organization now..Hard work is not always appreciated and is mostly delayed.

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Hard Working or Smart Working

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