How to Manage or Overcome Resistance to Organizational Change -

Thursday, July 1, 2010

How to Manage or Overcome Resistance to Organizational Change

The efforts can be made in two ways for overcoming organizational Resistance to change:
  1. Effort of Individuals
  2. Effort in Group
a. Effort of Individuals
  1. Increased participation & involvement of the management and the staffs.
  2. Effective interpersonal and interpersonal communication.
  3. Increased facilitation & the support system for the employees.
  4. Building strong leadership at the employee level.
  5. Negotiation & the agreement between different parties.
  6. Manipulation and co-operation.
  7. Coercion is a process when people are forced to follow a particular pattern either through positive or negative orientation.
  8. Timing of change must be dependent on the severity of change. If the changes is more severe & duration is long, whereas a change is minor than time span should be short.

b. Effort in Group

  1. Increased Cohesiveness among different groups of employees with the help of co-cohesiveness the belongingness will also develop among the employees at the group level. 
  2. Increasing the attractiveness of the group to the members, when these attractiveness effects psychologically, it helps members to overcome resistance to change.
  3. Degree of Prestige to the group. If the group is prestigious the effect of resistance is less whereas in case of less prestigious group there are chances of more resistance.

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