Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Love or arranged marriages wich is better - GD Topics with Summary

Love / arranged marriages

Well success of BOTH marriages depends on our self basically. If u finds a person whom u can feel comfortable to live with, be happy and secure in their presence then whatever love/arranged our marriage will be successful

In LOVE marriage we tend to know about a person and then start thinking of getting married with him/her. Well Love marriages fail because people tend to find faults in others /lack of understanding. However there are also cases where relationship is maintained in a wonderful manner.

In arranged marriage it becomes an obligation to live with the person. Adjust with them throughout our life n parents do help /guide us if there is a problem. That is the major difference.

Well in both the cases for a relationship to be healthy Understanding /Love /affection/ adjustment/ Responsibility is necessary ... above all

Parents, who don’t agree for love marriage, basically want us to be in a better position /live happily. Considering /respecting them is also equally important.


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