Sunday, July 4, 2010

Project on Study of Employees Job Satisfaction

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Employee satisfaction and retention have always been important issues for physicians. After all, high levels of absenteeism and staff turnover can affect your bottom line, as temps, recruitment and retraining take their toll. But few practices (in fact, few organizations) have made job satisfaction a top priority, perhaps because they have failed to understand the significant opportunity that lies in front of them. Satisfied employees tend to be more productive, creative and committed to their employers, and recent studies have shown a direct correlation between staff satisfaction and patient Satisfaction.

To know the satisfaction level towards the behaviors of peers and superiors.
To study the level of satisfaction towards his salary and also other benefits which are provided by the company?
To study the ESI facilities and safety measures which are provided by the company?
To suggest the company about the measures to be taken for more employee satisfaction.


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