Should the public sector be privatized - GD Topics with Summary -

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Should the public sector be privatized - GD Topics with Summary

Lets discuss about Should the public sector be privatized?

Yes of course privatization of public sectors can lead to some healthy changes in organizations. Because when we see the public sectors we find some slackness (or a little bit) delay in their services. But in case of private since service is there first and foremost duty they act rapidly.

Privatization of public sector depends of which sector we are talking about. Let us clarify few doubts in the primary stage. Can we expect all private hospitals in our cities in our town which do not have an entry for poor people, can we have only private sector telephone companies, can we have private companies have complete control on oil reserves, can we have all transport be provided by private sector and RTC vanishes, can we expect an private sector to take care of our defense. In the same way we can’t expect the government to set up an IT industry on its own, we can’t expect them to handle all the load of flight transport. Both are not mutually exclusive. We need to accept the fact that both are here to stay and we cannot make it without one. They do have their importance and we need to deal this issue very carefully.

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  1. Public sector and Private Sector are two differnt things.They should not me merged into one.Both the sectors have their own advantages and disadvantages. Public Sector on one hand is good and on the other hand private sector is better.
    In private sector there are more chances of earning more money whereas in public sector the growth is at a steady pace, but life is relatively comfortable as compared to the private sectors.