Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Wisdom does not come with Age - GD Topics with Summary

Wisdom does not come with Age

It should but doesn't always. Wisdom does not automatically come with age, though it does for a lot of people. But there are some pretty dumb old folks too. Nothing comes with age alone except wrinkles. Wisdom comes only from experience.

Researchers in positive psychology have defined wisdom as the coordination of "knowledge and experience" and "its deliberate use to improve well being. “With this definition, wisdom can be measured using the following criteria:

- A wise person can discern the core of important problems.

- A wise person has self-knowledge.

- A wise person seems sincere and direct with others.

- Others ask wise people for advice.

- A wise person's actions are consistent with his/her ethical beliefs.

In this way only old age cannot be the criterion for being wise.


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