Sunday, July 4, 2010

Women are better managers than Men? - GD Topics with Summary

Women are better managers than Men?

Time's changing, and so is the worlds around us.Women have always been good at managing. That includes not only women who are managers in leading companies, but also the housewives, who keep the "home department" running flawlessly. In fact researches show that women have better multi-tasking abilities than most men. So it’s undeniable that women are good managers, sometimes, arguably, even better...

For discussion on this topic the following relevant points are:

* Meaning of a manager

* The role of women in managing the house with e.g.

* Role of women in organizations with e.g.

* Comparison in attributes of men & women like sincerity, patience, human approach etc.

* Women adapt better to new situations.

* Women being less egoistic make better leaders


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