Planning and Forecasting in Retailing -

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Planning and Forecasting in Retailing

Retail Planning and Forecasting allows retailer to create, modify and track their financial, assortment and promotional plans for each channel and communicate changes to marketplace.

Planning and Forecasting includes everything a retailer need to predict and respond to changes:

Demand Forecasting—Keep it simple and accurate. Predict demand at any combination of product and location nodes.

Multi-Channel Planning—Integrate planning for your web, catalog and store channels to reduce redundancy and increase efficiency.

Financial Planning—Plan top-down or bottom-up with an easy to use, but powerful solution that manages multiple versions of plans across categories, channels and time periods.

Assortment Planning— Planning of assortments by customer. See buyers' changes immediately so you can reach your financial goals with the right mix of products.

Promotion Planning
—Coordinate all aspects of your promotions from one solution. Create, forecast and track events and feed anticipated lift to replenishment to avoid stock-outs on featured products.

Visual Merchandise Planning-Visual Merchandising is largely associated with creating the look of the store. Visual Merchandising involve the total merchandise or service presentation, the over all business image, and also for the building and placement of design elements

Store Operations Planning - Integration of Front end and back end operation is important efficient store operation and profit.

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