Media on Common Wealth Games in India..turning CWG into a matter of shame ?? -

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Media on Common Wealth Games in India..turning CWG into a matter of shame ??

India is about to organize CWG 2010 in Delhi. First time the CWG will be held in India and second time the event has been held in Asia. It's matter of proud as well as National Pride to the whole country.

Less than a weak to go, Time is running out fast and the CWG work is in scuffle. Allegations of Corruption, lackluster efforts, procrastination has led to inefficiency and dissatisfaction, moreover the role home media followed rather disheartening to say the least. Home media and Including personalities are busy in criticizing the work of CWG Committee.

Commonwealth Games Committee is facing negative publicity, since negative stories were publicized about the preparation. Home Media is portraying a negative image making criticism over the preparation and making extensive coverage of minor hitches and glitches, instead looking to the brighter aspect.

India to host CWG for very fist time, these minor glitches and hiccups do come around. There may be problem as water dripping somewhere, wall may collapse due to rain but it does not mean the whole Games is bad and cant be successful. All these small incidents are not the obstacles, they are hiccups only. Agreeing to the face there are some problem, will be some problem. CWG committee will address carefully.

I do not think media should underestimate these delays, incidents and allegation for corruption etc. Responsible people should be punished after CWG, but I also  believe it is not the right time for media to highlight coverage of preparation and portraying a very negative image of CWG among people of India and to the rest of the world.
Media should focus on presenting the India's aspirations for glory as the host of the upcoming Commonwealth Games and work for making it successful. Should work for creating a positive ambiance and energizing the whole country for CWG. Should provide extensive coverage to preparation on sportsman not to the glitches of CWG preparation.

Indian Government has done everything possible. Despite the flooded Delhi facing the problem of Dengue and other epidemic, unprecedented rain have affected the preparation, despite constructed beautiful stadiums, created so much beautiful infrastructure, there is greenery everywhere. Why cannot media see all these? I have not seen any country where people (criticize) their own country. My appeal to media and people of India to become positive and present the positive aspects.

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  1. Media plays a big role in spoiling CWG 2010 fame..what you guys are upto..??