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Monday, September 27, 2010

Social Topics For Group Discussion

Social Topics for Group Discussion
  1. Foreign Television Channels are Destroying Our Culture
  2. Rapists should be given Death Sentence
  3. With Media Publishing and Telecasting Trivia, Censorship is the Need of the Hour
  4. Euthanasia: Is Mercy Killing Justified?
  5. Beauty Contests Degrade Womanhood
  6. Should there be Limits on Artistic Freedom (the Controversies on Movies like Water, Fire, etc.)?
  7. Should Smoking be Banned Completely?
  8. Effect of Television on Youth
  9. Morals & Values among Indians is Degenerating
  10. Should Dance Bars be banned?
  11. Censorship in Movies & Our Culture
  12. Worsening of Female to Male Ratio in India
  13. Should FTV be banned?
  14. Arranged Marriages are better than Love Marriages
  15. Should Prostitution be made Legal?
  16. Do Celebrities have a Right to Privacy?
  17. Influence of Online Social Networks on our Youth
  18. The De Vinci Code: Truth or Lies about Christ
  19. Is Remixing Good Trend in Music?
  20. Is Big Dams Necessary?
  21. Films are corrupting the Indian Youth
  22. Bride burning and dowry may look bad, but are an integral part of India.
  23. Our Culture is Decaying
  24. We are not serious about saving Wildlife/Environment
  25. The education system needs serious reforms
  26. The impact of MTV on our psyche
  27. Showing Violence and Crimes should not be allowed in films and on television.
  28. 1Let us legalize gambling
  29. Do Banning Girls' Entry into Pubs, Celebrating Valentine's Day, Holding Fashion Shows and -New Year Parties Save Our Culture?
  30. The Impact of MTV on Our Psyche
  31. Women are not fit for Defense Services
  32. Women Empowerment - A Cause for Increasing Divorce Rate in India
  33. Excessive Depiction of Sex and Violence in Films
  34. Classical Music Heritage and the Growing Pop-Culture
  35. Individual Freedom and Civil Society
  36. Conventionalism and Modernity: The Ever-going Debate
  37. Should there be a Restriction on Permissiveness Being propagated by the MTV Culture and -Foreign Media

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