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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Easy Tips To Use Social Media to Get a Job

Let's face the fact that there are fewer jobs available, more competition for those jobs and more touch points for recruiters and seekers to interact.

The traditional approach — developing a resume and cover letter, locating jobs on and submitting your resume to corporate sites, and crossing your fingers in hopes of receiving a call is a thing of the past. The new approach is far different. Social media sites have proven themselves as useful platforms for facilitating connections, expressing passions and interests, and ultimately in exploring & getting the jobs.

Easy Tips to Get a Job using various social media i.e. Likedin, Twitter, Blogs, Facebook, YouTube and other social media.

1. Decide you career path: Determine which job you want to pursue. Determining your career goals and interests will give you some pointers and direction to get you a job.

2. Be on social media with an attractive profile:
Social media is a strong medium to make a brand name. Put yourself with an attractive profile to attract and increase profile visibility to others.

3. Create an online video resume: A fairly recent trend in resume presentations has been to record a video of yourself to give your potential interviewers a chance to meet in a virtual face-to-face environment. Video resumes are a unique way for job seekers to convey their abilities, talent and personnel beyond the limitations of ordinary resume that contains information, employment history, interest, educational information and bio data in the same old-fashioned style that have lost the interest of the employers.

4. Use social media purposefully: Social media is a place to give direct access to global community. Use social media purposefully in performing the activities related to you career and interest. Think about what you share and discuss.

5. Search People: Find companies you would like to work for, track the people working there and connect them directly.

6. Join groups and Community:
Joining groups available in the social networking sites will help you to connect no. of people. Join groups and community that shows your interest in the industry rather job.

7. Put attractive content: Most of the people end up with the content not attractive to industry experts. Contribute the content which provides opportunity to attract industry expert.

8. Use comment facility: Use comment facility in the community and groups to express you views. It helps recruiter to have a basic idea about you.

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