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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Explain Strategic Process of Job Analysis

Strategic Process of Job Analysis

Step 1. Develop the detailed plan: The detailed plan must be developed including who will be the incharge of the programme, time schedule and budget for carrying out the job analysis.
Step 2. Identify how information will be used: Identify the use of the information since it will determine the types of information needed and method of data collection.

Step 3. Analyze background information: Next step is to review the background information such as organization charts, process charts, job description etc.

Step 4. Select representative position to analyze: Representatives position is analyzed when many similar jobs are to be analyzed, rather takes much time to be analyzed.

Step 5. Collect data to analyze job: Analyze the job by collecting the information on job activities, required employee behavior, working condition, human traits and abilities needed to perform the job.

Step 6. Develop job description and specification: Job description is a statement showing full details of the activities of the job. Job specification is a statement of minimum acceptable qualities of the person to be placed on the job.

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