Notes on Step by Step Process of Human Resource Planning -

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Notes on Step by Step Process of Human Resource Planning

Step by Step Process of Human Resource Planning

  • Analyze objectives and Strategic Plan: Understand organizational mission, goals/objectives and strategic requirements.

  • Ensuring Manpower Need: Ensure manpower available to meet the requirements set during strategic planning.

  • Assess existing human resources: It refers to assess current human resource and their skills. Human Resource Information System (HRIS) can be used for assessing important information about the employees. 

  • Determine the demand of human resources for future: Develop human resource inventory for year-by-year estimated requirements of manpower for various positions qualitatively and quantitatively.

  • Study the sources and reasons of addition or depletion of manpower: the possible addition and depletion of human resources. The additions come from new recruits, employees transferred from other units of the company, persons returning from leaves etc. The depletion comes from retirements, dismissals, people transferred out from the organization, lay-offs, resignations, prolonged illnesses, deaths etc

  • Evaluate the sources of supply of manpower: Evaluate the sources of supply include recent pass-outs from various institutions, schools, colleges and universities, persons retiring from armed forces, people from other organizations seeking employment outside etc.

  • Decide action plan for recruitment or downsizing: If the forecast requirement of manpower exceeds the existing manpower i.e. there is shortage of human resource within the organization, action will be to position/recruit the addition manpower. If the forecast requirement is less than the current level of employees, the action will be to downsize.

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