Notes on Uses of Job Analysis -

Monday, May 5, 2014

Notes on Uses of Job Analysis

  1. Organizational design – Job analysis helps in taking sound decision regarding hierarchical positions and functional differentiation. This improves operational efficiency.
  2. Manpower planning – Job analysis determines the demands of the job in terms of responsibilities and duties and then translate these demands in terms of skills, qualities and other human attributes.
  3. Recruitment and Selection – In order to hire a right person for a right job, job analysis is very essential.
  4. Training and development – Job analysis provides valuable information which is required to identify the training needs, to design training programmes and to evaluate training effectiveness. Employee development programmes such as job rotation, job enlargement and job enrichment are also based on the analysis of job requirements.
  5. Job Evaluation – Job analysis provides the basis for job evaluation.
  6. Performance Appraisal – The performance of the employee can be appraised objectively with the standard of job performance so established.
  7. Job Designing – Job analysis helps the industrial engineers in designing the job by making comprehensive study of the job elements.
  8. Safety and Health – Job analysis process uncovers the hazardous and unhealthy environmental factors such as heat, noise, fumes, dust etc. The management can take corrective measures to minimize the chances of various risks to ensure the safety to workers and to avoid unhealthy conditions.
  9. Discipline – Job analysis helps in maintaining the discipline in the organization.
  10. Labour Relations – Job analysis is helpful in improving the labour management relations.
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