Principle of Organizing Retail Firm -

Monday, May 12, 2014

Principle of Organizing Retail Firm

Principle of Organizing Retail Firm

1. Show interest for employees - Organization must show interest for employees to keep employees work moral high.

2. Monitor its employees - Employee turnover, lateness and absenteeism should be monitored as it may indicator to identify personnel problems

3. Trace line of authority from top to bottom - The line of authority should be traceable from the highest to the lowest position to know chain of command.

4. limit span of control - To avoid the worker conflict organization should limit span of control.

5. Empower employee - Organizations should focus on empowering employees where responsibility and authority to make decisions. it will have the added benefit of increasing job satisfaction and employee morale.

6.  Delegate authority while maintaining responsibility - Since the supervisor can delegate authority, but still responsible to get the work done.

7. Acknowledge need of coordination and communication - Greater the number of organizational levels, longer the time of communication and greater the coordination problem, hence organization should recognize and respond to the need.

8. Acknowledge the power of informal relationship

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