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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Differences between industrial market and Consumer Market

Differences between industrial market and Consumer Market 

Dimensions                    Industrial Market                Consumer Market

a. Buying objective              Enable production                   Personal need satisfaction
b. Buying motive                  Mainly rational                        Also emotional
c. Purchasing function          Professional buying            Consumers
d. Decision making              Many persons involved,      Often impulsive, without consulting others
                                              much discussion     
e. Characteristics                 Negotiations, intense              Often without negotiation, little interaction
f. Product &  market 
knowledge                             Large                                         Limited
g. Order size                         Often large                              Mostly small
h. Demand                             Derived, fluctuation               Autonomous, relatively stable
i. Price elasticity                   Rather inelastic                      Rather elastic
j. Number of customers        Mostly limited                       Very large


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  2. Can you explain why an industrial market rather inelastic is?