Friday, May 30, 2014

Acceptance Theory in Management by Chester Barnard

Acceptance Theory in Management by Chester Barnard

Acceptance Theory of Authority in Management was embellished by Chester Barnard. It has been appropriate by Barnard and others that Leaders doesn't has absolute authority until and unless the followers confers upon them.

The "Acceptance theory" is a philosophy which stats that authority arises only when the orders gets obedience form subordinates. Authority flows to manager through acceptance of his orders by the subordinates. There will be no authority if the subordinates do not acquire orders. Barnard emphasizes on the willingness of employees to accept that mangers have legitimate authority to act.

Barnard acquainted that four factors influenced the willingness of employees to acquire authority:

1. The employees must understand the communication.
2. The employees accept the communication as being consistent with the organization’s purposes.
3. The employees feel that their actions will be consistent with the needs and desires of the other employees.
4. The employees feel that they are mentally and physically able to carry out the order. 

Acceptance theory of authority is accountable to criticism because it is unrealistic and gives more importance to their subordinates.


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