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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Define Sources of Recruitment

Few organization attempt to develop new sources while most try to address existing sources for recruitment. These sources therefore, may be termed - Internal and External sources of recruitment.

1. Internal Sources: Internal sources of recruitment refer to obtain people for positions within the company. Different internal sources are:

A. Present Employees - It involves transfer and promotions. Transfers refer to moving of people from present jobs to other similar places. Promotions refer to moving of people to positions having higher obligations, responsibilities and salaries.

B. Former Employees -
Several former employees could be prepared to return of part time basis or or even advise someone who will be willing to work for organization.

C. Employee Referrals -
Under this employees refers to the family, friends and relatives to the organizations prospective applicants for the vacancies to be filled up in the organization.

D. Previous Applicant -
. It is a quick as well as a relatively inexpensive method to fill an unexpected vacancies. People who have previously applied for the jobs can be contacted by mail to fill up required vacant positions.

2. External Sources: External sources of recruitment refers to obtain people for positions from outside of the company. Different external sources are:

a. Employment Agencies

b. Campus Recruitment

c. Advertisement

d. Walk-In-Interviews

e. Deputation - It involves transferring employees to another organization for short period of time.

f. Data Banks – It involves collecting information of different Fields

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