Common mistakes to avoid in Strategic Planning -

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Common mistakes to avoid in Strategic Planning

Common mistakes to avoid in Strategic Planning

Strategic planning include elobrate and complex procedure that requires an organization in to no chartered territory. It doesn't prescribe and ready to use framework for achivement rather it requires the organization through a quest and offers a framework regarding handling querries and getteing solution for problems. It is essential for success to be aware of possible pitfalls, and to be prepared to address them.

A few common mistakes to look at for and prevent in strategic planning are provided below:

1. Making use of Strategic Planning in order to gain control above decisions and resources also.
2. Performing strategic planning only to fulfill accreditation or regulatory specifications.
3. Quickly shifting from mission development to strategy formulation.
4. Failing to keep communication of the plan among employees, that proceed doing work in the particular dark.
5. Top officials producing many instinctive decisions that discord with all the official plan.
6. Top officials not positively supporting the strategic-planning process.
7. Failing to use plans as a standard in order to measure overall efficiency.
8. Insted of getting involvemnt of all mangers assigning planning about to the "planner".
9. Failure in collabration among employees throughout planning.
10. Failing to create a collaborative climate supportive of change
11. Taking planning as pointless and unimportant
12. Becoming thus conventional in planning that flexibility as well as creativity tend to be stifled.


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