Friday, July 4, 2014

Important Differnece Between Domestic Marketing and International Marketing

Performing and maneging international business operation is a lot more intricate compared to domestic business operation. It requires a greater commitment level to achieve a worldwide market. These are some distinguishing factors of Domestic Marketing and International Marketing:
Important Differnece Between Domestic Marketing and International Marketing
1. Domestic marketing include conducting and managing marketing activities within the confines of the national market while international marketing includes marketing activities across nations.

2. Domestic marketing is relatively simple process whereas international marketing include complex marketing processes.

3. In Domestic marketing market characteristics are known as compere to international marketing which include many uncontrollable factors.

4. Domestic marketing requires lesser financial resources while international marketing requires huge financial resources.

5. Domestic marketing deals with only a single market while international marketing deals with several different countries and markets.

6. Domestic marketing deals only with the laws and regulations of one country whereas International marketing includes differences in laws and regulations in the global market.

7. Domestic marketing deals just with some customers although international advertising deals with several types of buyers with different likes.

8. In domestic marketing, the company can have the same policies and strategies while international marketing requires diverse strategies in the promotion of these products.


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