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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Sample Synopsis Format for Project Report

Sample Synopsis Format for Project Report

Synopsis is basically a blue print, an outline or an abstract of what exactly student desire to go through in their Project Report. The Title of Synopsis needs to be self explanatory and difficult or perhaps extended titles shall be averted. Synopsis must be prepared strictly in accordance with the guidelines clearly defining Research Methodology. A Synopsis may be of 5-10 pages and shall be simple, straightforward depicting your research study and tools and techniques applied.

A sample Synopsis may contain following :-

1. Introduction - Details about the topic, industry, competitive companies and products, need of study and some history about the same etc.

2. Problem Identification and Problem Formulation - Core area of problem and other related problems and their brief solutions. Same problem if studied prior to student’s study and its findings and results.

3. Objective of Study - Objectives of the study shall be mentioned point wise. Student can also divide the broader and narrow areas of their objectives. The objectives of study must be near to the solution of the problem.

4. Scope of Study - Student can also mention the scope of study. They can limit the companies, industry, time period and target group for their study.

5. Data Collection - Data to be used for the Research Study can be primary or secondary. Data sources must be defined properly.

6. Research Tools Applied (Research Methodology)- Student shall mention the tools and techniques applied to the study including the statistical tools, techniques and packages to be used to measure the efficiency, volatility, liquidity and marketability.

7. Limitation of Study - Limitation of study is possible threats to the study and flaws to the research.
8. Organization of Project Report - The chapter wise categorization of study can be given under this topic.
Chapter – I - Introduction
Chapter – II – Review of Literature/ Theoretical Framework
Chapter – III – Industry Profile
Chapter – IV – Company Profile
Chapter – V – Data Analysis & Interpretation
Chapter – VI – Findings, Suggestions, & Conclusions

9. Project Report Timeline - In order to complete the project mention schedule to be followed.

9. References and Bibliography - Details about source of material, reference books, articles, web resources etc. used for your research study.

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