Know About The Scope Associated With International Marketing -

Friday, July 11, 2014

Know About The Scope Associated With International Marketing

Know About The Scope Associated With International Marketing

International Marketing comprises the subsequent major areas of business:

Exports and Import - International trade can be a excellent start to head into international marketing. Simply by creating international markets regarding domestically produced product and services a company is able to reduce the potential risk of operating internationally, after gaining adequate knowledge can carry on to set up production as well as marketing amenities in another country.

Joint Ventures - Joint venture can be described as a type of collaborative association for any substantial time period. A joint venture comes into existence when International and local companies collectively form a fresh organization or an overseas investor acquires interest in an area company as well as the other way round.

Contractual Agreements:
International marketing comprises of Licensing agreements, Patent Licensing, Co-production, Turn key operations and technical & managerial know - how. Licensing features a number of contractual agreements where intangible resources for example patents, trade secrets, know – how, trade marks as well as brand names are made available to international companies in return for a fee.

Wholley Owned and Contract Manfacturing: Contract manufacuting is known as a form of collaborative agreemnt where a firm enter into contrat with international firm in foregin to manufacture & assemble the producats and while retaining the product marketing with itself. Whereas keeping the long term interest in foreign market a firm may also establised fully owned manufacturing unit in other country.

Merger and Acquisition

Strategic Alliance

Management Contracting

Counter Trade

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