Aim & Objectives of Production Control -

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Aim & Objectives of Production Control

Following planning, production manager’s next obligation is to control the production by directing steps to use the different elements of production. An enterprise success relies on the execution and functioning of the production control department. The main aim and objective of production control is to produce the products of right quality, in right quantity at the right time by using the minimum effort and cost. The production control department commonly needs to accomplish the following objectives:

  1. Minimizing production cost and maintaining delivery date with an effective utilization of resources.
  2. Procurement of raw material, equipment and labour.
  3. Compose production agenda in adaptability with the demand forecasts.
  4. Determination of economic production runs with and aspect to cut down the setup costs.
  5. Appropriate co-ordination in functioning of different departments/divisions accountable for production.
  6. Avoiding delays in production by ensuring regular and timely supply of raw material at right place and of right quality and right quantity.
  7. Performing review of semi-finished and finished products and utilize quality control systems to discover that the produced goods are on needed specification.
  8. In addition production control department is also accountable for product design and development.

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