Top Ten Reasons to Avoid International Markets -

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Top Ten Reasons to Avoid International Markets

Looking to the history of international business despite appealing possibilities most companies do not get into international markets. There are numurous reasons for not going international. The concern of companies about their products that they are not marketable in international market and a consequent preoccupation with the domestic market seen to be biggest barrier in entering international markets. The following points have been highlighted by the findings as the most important barriers:

1. Trade barriers
2. Transportation difficulties
3. Lack of trained personnel
4. Lack of incentives
5. Lack of coordinated assistance
6. Unfavorable conditions overseas
7. Slow payments by buyers
8. Lack of competitive products
9. Payment defaults
10.Language barriers

It's the combination of these types of aspects which determines not only whether companies get involved in International Markets, but in addition the amount of of the involvement.

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